What Vitamins Should I Take

Various advertisements in print and electronic media are now being intensively conducted by vitamin and supplement producers, all of whom claim their products are highly efficacious for maintaining a healthy body, increasing stamina, fitness, and other claims, which, when examined further, we need to be cautious in addressing or consume
What Vitamins Should I Take
In this paper, I would like to present various opinions or research that would increase our knowledge of the need to carefully address the promotion of mineral and vitamin supplements that we are heavily witnessed in various media, which, according to research experts, are not uncommonly contrary to the advertised claims.

When do our bodies need supplements/vitamin and mineral supplements?

1. A diet that is not true, can be the cause of deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals, because of the incomplete nutritional content in the daily diet. Someone who does not or rarely consume vegetables and fruits will experience deficiencies of various vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed for the body’s metabolism. Instead of a vegetarian, who consumes only vegetables and fruits, with no source of nutrients from animals, is prone to iron deficiency, protein, and other minerals. Therefore, for those who intend to become vegetarian, it is recommended to start when the age has passed 30 years so that the body has enough to store the various substances needed.an at risk for vitamin deficiency if:

2. In a state of stress or even depression for various reasons. Such conditions usually affect the diet to be untrue, chaotic, so the supply of vitamins thinning. Stress and depression also deplete the reserves of vitamins and minerals in the body.

3. Recover from illness or post-operation. At that time the appetite is often reduced, but the body requires more vitamins and minerals to speed healing.

4. Have chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes. Lack of vitamins and minerals may cause the disease to worsen. Many asthma patients suffer from magnesium deficiency, and for people with symptoms of neuropathy or decreased nerve sensitivity, an intake of neurotrophic vitamin supplements is required. Chronic illness changes the way the body absorbs and uses vitamins and minerals.

5. Pregnant or breastfeeding. Required extra vitamins and minerals because these conditions the body provides some of the nutrient quotas for the baby. Obstetricians will certainly prescribe the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements for such a mother.

6. Smokers, because nicotine inhaled a lot of depleting vitamin needs, especially vitamin C.

7. Drinking alcohol. Heavy drinkers are often at the threshold of vitamin and mineral deficiency, especially vitamin B.

In addition to that condition, pay attention to your “body language”, especially if you are an Elderly. For example, the body feels difficult to move, the eyes feel heavy to open, but have been drinking multivitamins. These symptoms may mean you need neurotrophic vitamins (vitamins B12 and B6) to overcome that problem. Not infrequently the body language of each person is different, so recognize our own body language, to be able to determine the solution to overcome them appropriately. For the Elderly, various organs and metabolism, of course, there will be degeneration, of course, need additional / supplement, because of the daily food intake cannot be fully met. Calcium, which the body needs as one of the ingredients for energy formation, any excess in its daily intake can no longer be stored in the bone, once we pass 30 years of age. This condition is more severe for women who enter menopause because since then one of the hormones is no longer in production. That’s why women are more at risk of suffering from calcium deficiency. When in daily activities we need energy, then the lack of calcium will be taken from the existing inventory on the bone. That is why advanced age is prone to bone loss (osteoporosis), which means bone density will decrease and bones break easily. Therefore, Elderly often require calcium supplements, to avoid the shortcomings.



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