Why Do Kids Also Need to Exercise?

Not only adults who have to exercise regularly. Children need exercise as well, even according to experts, from a six-year-old child, a child should have performed a certain physical activity for at least an hour each day. However, literate from Healthy Kids, boys aged 6-10 years tend to be more active than girls at that age. This activity even decreases with the age of the child.

Why Do Kids Also Need to Exercise
The Importance of Exercise for Kids

Why do children need to exercise early on?

Familiarize children active exercise early, is very important for his time now and his time. Putting your child into his school sports team is one way you can help your child exercise more actively. What are the benefits of exercise in children?

Prevent various diseases in the future

Everyone knows that active exercise will make your child’s body healthier. Not getting used to your child’s exercise will actually make him grow into an adult who is not active, vulnerable to obesity, osteoporosis, or even prone to developing breast cancer in the future for girls.

Perhaps these conditions can be prevented in many ways, but by joining a school sports team, for example, your child will certainly be more eager to exercise because many friends support him.

Exercise for Character development

Achieving the achievement and development of ability because of active exercise, will be able to increase your child’s confidence. In addition to confidence, putting your child into a school sports team will also be able to hone his skills in socializing with others. Especially when the activeness of exercising your child makes it elected to represent the school to compete with other schools, the spirit of competing and the ability of cooperation with the team from within him will unconsciously develop.

Avoiding negative mental condition

Some people use exercise to cope with the stress, depression, and anxiety they experience. Thus, by actively exercising, your child will tend to avoid uncontrollable emotions, because when his emotions explode, the emotion has he channeled through something more positive, that is sports. The Women’s Sport Foundation also adds that a girl who is actively exercising will tend to have good grades in school, as they have been trained to concentrate.



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