Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Diabetes (DM) is a chronic disorder characterized by increased sugar in the blood as a result of diabetes and the presence of metabolic system disorders in the body, also known as blood sugar, where the pancreas organ is the body needs insulin and Cannot produce hormones. In addition, the disease is caused by the interruption of the blood glucose metabolism process in the body, so that the blood sugar level is high. The blood glucose level of diabetics on an empty stomach is 126 mg/dl or higher and is not high speed or normal 200 mg/dl or higher. Between normal range 60-120 mg/dl in the sugar level.

Usually, carbohydrates in the food we eat are converted into glucose, which is distributed to the remaining cells of the body for energy with the help of insulin. However, for those who suffer from diabetes and diabetes, or the absence of insulin in the body because it does not exist, the invasion of glucose in the cells is difficult. As a result, the glucose content in the blood increases and can have negative effects. People who suffer from blood glucose diabetes will play after meals and big when they fast, so expensive.

Insulin is a hormone from the pancreas, which is responsible for controlling the amount of sugar in one of the blood glucose levels and/or insulin required to the human body for carbohydrate, fat and protein processing (for energy) is necessary to Change. Insulin hormone functions to reduce blood glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes
The elevated level of sugar in blood-value 160-180 mg/dl and urine (urine) reaches directly from the effects of elevated blood glucose levels the first signs that someone is suffering from a DM or diabetes may know that diabetic patients contain sugar ( glucose), urine is often approachable ants.

Diabetics generally saw the following signs and symptoms, although not all patients:

Urine volume further separated (Polyuria)
Often, or quickly feel hungry/thirsty (many)
Eating excessive hunger or more (overconsumption)
Increased urine frequency/urination (diabetes)
That’s why losing weight is not clear
tingling/numbness in the top of the nerve in the Palm off the hands and feet
Tired and weak all the time soon
Experience Vision suddenly
Slow healing of wounds/wounds
Particularly susceptible to skin infections.
The rapid decline in sugar level conditions immediately causes unconscious someone who is also in the phase of coma. The symptoms can get overtime quickly over a few weeks or months, especially the kind of child suffering from a diabetic disease.

Another of the people with type 2 diabetes, they usually do not experience the above mentioned various symptoms. You may not know that you are suffering from diabetes.



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