Building Deck Around Pool

Building Deck Around Pool. It has become a dream of a home that is equipped with fitness facilities and swimming pool. The most preferred and preferred is to build a simple swimming pool but has many benefits to maintain health. Before deciding to build a pond for your home, there are some things that should be considered for consideration.

Building Deck Around Pool

Terrace Or Pool Deck
Many exits create a terrace or pool deck for swimming pool design. for example a terrace with wooden decks, floors with natural rocks, neatly arranged stepping stone, or a porch that blends in with the house. the determination of natural stone like palimanan stone can also be a friend to apply. which need attention is the terrace that we make must be anti-skid or not slippery. definitely safety and comfort so important thing when making this swimming pool.

Give a natural touch by giving some vegetation such as coconut tree (cocos nucifera), frangipani (plumeria rubra, obtusa, or acutifolia), red dadap (erythrina crista galli), or banana fan can be a good choice to follow a swimming pool.

Floor Level Surface
Then try the level or height of the swimming pool is not higher than the terrace or pool deck. Why ? the answer is for the user’s comfort of the pool (please see the picture on points after that). if when friends make the stairs to the pool.

Building Deck Around Pool: The Edges of the Pool
Use the edge of the pool is not pointy. edges or edging is good rounded at the corners. the purpose for security in the pool. create an elegant pool. it is intended that the pool is easier in the side of cleaning or maintenance. but when friends are happy with a square or rectangular shape is very possible too kok.

Water depth
Depth for pool design for adults I recommend at 1, 4 mtr. up to 2 mtr .. or can combine the two make the ramp as the depth separator. but for children pool, the depth is not more more 0, 5 mtr

If you have steps or stairs in the pool, try the height of the stairs is not more more 18, 5 cm. this is a comfortable height and is recommended in the design of houses, buildings or in the garden design.

Give the surface of the pool floor is not slippery. Natural stone with rough surface is also a good choice. I recommend using sukabumi stone or green stone, because it has the structure and bright green color when there is in the water. tiled floors with mosaic can also be applied, if friends are happy with mosaic design. besides that away from being too tapered. the goal so that the treatment of this pond is not too difficult

Water And Circulation
water pool with a good circulation system give comfort support to the pool. the provision of overflow or water spills by the pool, can add a comfortable situation in the area. friends can use the temple stone as the edge of the overflow. as I have shown in the picture beside. in the picture tesebut wall of overflow using stacked stone that is useful to remove the sound of rushing water flowing.

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