Best Teething Toys For 4 Month Old Years

Choosing the best teething toys for 4 month old is needed. If you don’t select the best thing for you baby, it’s will be bad. When the teeth begin to grow and break through the gum, this can be very unpleasant for you and your baby. Teething usually occurs at the age of 3-6 months. Until the age of three years, your child will have 20 teeth replaced by permanent teeth between the ages of 6 and 21 (Wisdom teeth).

The teething is individual and the discomfort and intensity varies with each child. Some babies and infants have only one or two signs during teething, others have a whole series of disturbing symptoms. However, most children have one of the following problems and we offer solutions for them.

Best Teething Toys For 4 Month Old


Teeth often cause excessive drooling, which can lead to irritation on the chin or cheeks. Wipe off the face with a clean cloth and apply a protective cream. (If you are breastfeeding, you can also use a nipple cream).

Constant chewing on everything your baby is put into the hands

Children do this to relieve the pressure that is caused by teething. You will notice that your child is gnawed on items such as the blanket, clothes, or toys.

You can offer your child some hygienized, chilled toys. You can also massage your gums with your finger or rub it with a cool cloth. Just remember that some old-fashioned ticks are not a good idea. A hard, chilled carrot, for example, can represent a suffocation hazard.

Another way to relieve the pain is to be soothing gels. When stored in the refrigerator, they also have a cooling effect. Another trick is to apply the tooth gel on a toy with which your baby often comes into contact.

Pull on the ears and rub on the cheeks

These are signs of pain. As already mentioned, chewing on appropriate toys, tooth gels or a cool cloth can help relieve the pressure and alleviate the pain. If this does not help, you can give Paracetamol to your child to relieve the symptoms (check with the doctor beforehand!)

Ears can also be a sign of an ear infection. Make sure you can exclude this.

Red cheeks

You may observe that your child’s face turns red. A red cheek is often a sign of teeth. The cheek becomes red on the side where the tooth begins to grow. If both cheeks are red, it can also be a sign of fever that has nothing to do with teething. Check the temperature of your child. If this is above 38.9 °, you should consult a doctor.

loss of appetite

Your child may be very uncomfortable to chew solid food. Cool, soft foods can make the pain easier. These are apple sauce, smoothies, pureed fruit, bananas or fruit yoghurts.

Restless behavior

Although some babies do not experience much pain during teething, it can be a stressful, unpleasant and painful time for others. That’s why they scream more often during this time because they have trouble sleeping. In addition to some common remedies that alleviate the pain, Mamas and Dad’s love can also be an important support. During this time it would be good to cuddle and give the baby near.
Bleeding gums

Even if it looks frightening, this is no cause for concern. When the tooth breaks, it can often cause a kline bladder that is filled with blood to burst. Do not be surprised if this bladder bursts and your child is bleeding from the mouth. You can ask your doctor how to eliminate the blood best, but the blood usually disappears after breaking the tooth.

Where can I Get Best Teething Toys For 4 Month Old?

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